Purpose of Descriptive text

– To describe person, thing or place in specific
– To describe a particular person, thing or place.

( menggambarkan orang,benda atau tempat secara spesifik )

Language Feature of Descriptive Text

– Specific participant : has a certain object, is not common and unique (only one). for example: Bandengan beach, my house, Borobudur temple, uncle Jim

– The use of the adjective (an adjective) to clarify the noun, for example: a beautiful beach, a handsome man, the famous place , etc.

( menggunakan kata sifat )

– The use of simple present tense: The sentence pattern used is simple present because it tells the fact of the object described.

( menggunakan bentuk simple present tense)

– Action verb: verbs that show an activity (for example, run, sleep, walk, cut etc….

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall sounds unfamiliar for either local or foreign tourists. Lembah Pelangi Waterfall is located in Sukamaju village, Ulubelu sub district, Tanggamus district, Lampung province, Indonesia. The access to this place is quite difficult because Ulu Belu sub district is a remote area in Lampung with its hilly contours which make this tourist spot elusive.

Lembah Pelangi Waterfall has two levels where the waterfall on the second level has two branches. The height of the first level waterfall is about 100 meters, while the second level waterfall is about dozens of meters. The best enchantment of this waterfall is the rainbow which appears between the valley and the waterfall as the name suggests. The soft flowing gurgling waterfall sounds is like a chant of nature which can remove the tiredness of the long trip to go there. Under the waterfall, there are several spots of warm water which can be an interesting spot for bathing.

In this place, you will be shown a panorama of natural beauty which is very interesting for every pair of eyes seeing it. Rocky hills accompanied by leafy trees will actually soothe both your eyes.

Bentuk Rumus Simple Present Tense

(+)· Subject + verb 1 (+ s/es) + object

· Subject + to be (am/is/are) + adjective/adverb

Ex : Lembah Pelangi Waterfall has two levels

 (-)· Subject + do/does not + verb 1 + …

· Subject + to be (am/is/are) + not + adjective/adverb

Ex : Lembah Pelangi Waterfall does not have three levels

 (?)· Do/does + subject + verb 1 + object?

· To be (am/is/are) + subject + adjective/adverb?

Ex : Does Lembah Pelangi Waterfall have two levels?

Subject + to be ( am,is,are) + Non Verb

Ex : Ulu Belu sub district is a remote area in Lampung

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